von Massow

Franziska von Massow studied Psychology at the universities of Mannheim and Münster, majoring in the fields of human resources management and business. In addition to her Master of Science degree, she is a qualified scan consultant.

Professional career
Franziska von Massow is highly empathetic and has a keen sense of where people’s individual areas of potential lie. She was able to put this ability to good use both during her voluntary social year in Spain, which she spent helping people with handicaps, and in student jobs within the intelligence testing and diagnostics fields. After her degree she assumed a role with Rundstedt & Partner, where she was involved in selection procedures and personnel projects. She joined PAWLIK in 2014, working first within the field of executive search and later transferring to the diagnostics team, where she still works today.

As a licensed scan consultant, Franziska von Massow’s primary area of focus is currently PAWLIK’s Analysis of Potential. In this respect, she compiles extensive reports and conducts feedback talks with candidates and training program participants. She is also involved in management audit projects.


Contact data:
Send an email or call on +49 (0)30/44 32 38-0