Thomas Nebeling studied psychology, educational science, and sociology at universities in Berlin and Münster, in Germany. He is also a certified coach, management trainer, and systematic organizational consultant, and has completed training in additional areas as well.

Professional career
Thomas got his start developing an educational center in Westphalia for the Lutheran Church. After a few years, he discovered his passion for teaching and training, and began working as a lecturer at various universities and a management trainer, in addition to his role as managing director. Thomas founded the TARCUS business consultancy in 1987 and the TARCUS Institute in 1996. With these two companies, he designed nuanced management development programs, trained a number of executives, and supported medium-sized businesses and corporations in their comprehensive change projects with a project management system he developed himself. His expertise in organizational development is sought after, not least by the ministries and agencies of various German states, for whom he has conceived and overseen change projects.

Thomas’s many years of experience as a consultant, trainer, and coach have given him the comprehensive expertise needed to tackle future change management tasks in companies. He combines his knowledge of efficient structures and processes with his knack for getting people excited about change and actively incorporating them into the process. Managers from the spheres of business and politics have benefited from his coaching and consulting services.


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