Käthe Siuda received her psychology degree with an emphasis on clinical and cognitive psychology in Vienna. She went on to complete training as a clinical and health psychology before becoming a licensed scan consultant for potential analysis.

Professional career
After dedicating many years to foundational psychological research at the University of Vienna, Käthe Siuda gained professional experience at Otto-Wagner-Spital in Vienna. Back in Germany, after her clinical work in acute and sub-acute psychiatry, she began coaching, helping the long-term unemployed return to work. She has been a member of the personnel diagnostics team at PAWLIK since June of 2017.

Käthe Siuda is active in human resources and organizational development projects as well as in staff recruiting. As a licensed scan consultant, she evaluates the results of potential analyses. In this capacity, she prepares reports and conducts feedback discussions, which she also offers in English. Her strengths include setting up and running assessment centers.

Areas of Expertise
Talent Management | Personnel Diagnostics


Contact data:
E-Mail or at +49 (0)30/44 32 38-0