Bodo Schmiedebach studied Business and Organizational Science with a focus on economics and marketing. After completing his degree, he gained additional qualifications in sales and staff management, and as a conceptional trainer.

Professional career
After finishing his career as an army officer, Bodo Schmiedebach began his second professional career in sales and customer management, and was soon leading a sales team for a company from the building and real estate sector. He later went on to manage architecture and sales offices in northern Germany before deciding, in 1998, that he would like to pass his expertise on to others as a trainer. He has since forged a successful career for himself in this field, positively impacting the development of sales and leadership staff and helping companies to implement organizational changes. He also managed a training institute before joining PAWLIK Consultants in 2015.

Specializing in the fields of rhetoric, team development and conflict moderation, Bodo Schmiedebach boasts many years of experience as a trainer for sales and leadership roles. He works with sales staff of all hierarchical levels and has in recent years also regularly used his expertise to train new trainers.


Contact data:
Send an email or call on +49 (0)40/53 28 50-0 bzw. +49 (0)171/474 655 5