Ulrich Oldehaver is a behavioral therapist trained in clinical and therapeutic hypnosis. He also has qualifications and licenses as an NLP coach (NLP = neurolinguistic programming), an NHR coach (NHR = neuro-hypnotic repatterning, a method that builds on NLP), and a Wingwave coach. Boasting extensive expertise across a wide range of areas, he is able to combine multiple mental coaching approaches to best effect.

Professional career
Ulrich Oldehaver has devoted over 25 years to studying the manifold ways in which people achieve personal excellence. He himself has been a successful athlete since his youth, enjoying regular success in international slalom ski competitions. He won the German Seniors Championship and World Cup in 2009, for example, and was ranked 5th at the World Masters Games in 2010 in Slovenia. He also co-founded a listed, Hamburg-based issuing house, of which he was a board member for many years.

Oldehaver played a leading role in developing PAWLIK’s “PERFORMANCE” competence dimension. He now uses this methodology in his coaching work for CEOs and professional athletes (Olympians and German Bundesliga professionals), enabling them to perceive their strengths and sources of potential more clearly, and to unleash these to maximum effect in situations that call for them. His focus is therefore on teaching the techniques and honing the competencies that individual coachees need to deliver top performance.


Contact data:
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