After qualifying as a state-certified structural engineer, Ulrich Metzger completed numerous further training programs to qualify as a trainer for sales, leadership and neuromarketing. He later also qualified as a licensed scan coach in order to be able to conduct in-depth feedback talks.

Professional career
Over the course of his career, Ulrich Metzger has always remained true to the construction industry. He started out as a carpenter and structural engineer before changing career paths and entering field sales and key account management. He later assumed responsibility for the internal training of field and inside sales employees for a leading German construction materials manufacturer. After working as a company employee for almost 20 years, Metzger became a self-employed trainer and consultant in 2008, developing an impressive client portfolio of well-known companies from industry and commerce, and from the wholesale and retail sectors. He joined PAWLIK Consultants in 2015.

Ulrich Metzger specializes in advising companies and training employees from the construction industry. He is especially accomplished at developing successful field and inside sales teams, using his neuromarketing knowledge to help clients enhance their performance with regard to sales, service and employee management


Contact data:
Send an email or call on +49 (0)151/226 422 38