Anna Manthei gained her degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Europa-Universität Viadrina in Berlin.

Professional career
Anna Manthei’s focus on the topic of personnel began during her degree, when she devised a personnel concept for a well-known banking group as part of her thesis. Following her degree, she took up a position as a recruiter for a leading international auditing firm, soon advancing to assume the role of Recruitment Team Manager. Manthei went on to expand on her specialist expertise by joining a leading international recruitment company, where she filled vacancies across multiple sectors, including the utilities and disposal sector, the banking sector, the cultural sector, the media and the healthcare sector. She joined PAWLIK Consultants in 2014.

Working within sales and recruitment, Anna Manthei provides her clients with expert support across the entire selection process and in individual sales projects. She works primarily in the trade and services sectors and predominantly fills sales and executive positions.


Contact data:
Send an email or call on +49 (0)30/44 32 38-0 bzw. +49 (0)176/163 285 12