Lea Sophie

Lea Sophie Zimmermann completed her MSc in psychology at the University of Hamburg specializing in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, and the field of work and organizational psychology. While working as a visiting researcher in the USA, Lea Sophie Zimmermann was responsible for conducting her own research project as project manager at the renowned Vanderbilt University. In the course of this, she was able to expand her skills set in terms of independent project planning and realization and also intercultural skills.

Professional career
After successfully completing her master's degree, Lea Sophie Zimmermann initially kept to the academically-oriented environment as a junior project manager in market research. However, during her studies she also worked repeatedly in the areas of work and organizational psychology – for example as part of her bachelor's thesis – which later than encouraged her to focus on business and to work in the field of recruitment consultancy. Dealing with a wide variety of people requires good social instincts and adept communication across all levels of the hierarchy, and this, combined with the meticulous and careful approach required, means that Lea Sophie Zimmermann has been passionate about and committed to working at PAWLIK Consultants since the start of 2018.

Executive and direct search are Lea Sophie Zimmermann's areas of expertise, but she is also successful as a versatile search all-rounder across all levels of the hierarchy levels. Needless to say, the demand for quality is always high here.


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