In addition to completing both technical and commercial vocational training, Jens Taubel got his degree in business management while simultaneously gathering practical professional experience. Later, he supplemented his qualification as a trainer and coach with a degree in stress and burnout management at the University of Applied Sciences for Sports & Management in Potsdam, Germany. As a licensed scan coach, professional scrum master (PSM), and professional agile leadership (PALI I) and certified blended learning trainer, he has the perfect skill set for holistic consulting relating to individual staff development measures in a national and international environment.

Professional career
Following his vocational qualification and training programs in the automotive sector, he quickly moved to various management positions at car dealerships. At Renault Germany, he was responsible for the used car business for all 12 branches in Germany, and later assumed the management of a branch with 150 employees. He has received multiple awards for his performance from trade journals, which regularly invite him to hold specialist lectures. Early on, he discovered his passion for personal development and worked for a while for a personnel project for the Expo2000 in Hanover. In 2014, Jens Taubel founded his own leadership school and has since occupied himself with training managers and sales teams as a consultant for companies as well as a coach and trainer. As the chair of the audit committee for economists at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Germany, he provides voluntary assistance in the development of future managers in companies.

Thanks to his well-rounded knowledge of technical and commercial professions in small and medium-sized companies, as well as in corporate structures, Jens Taubel is able to comprehensively consult companies from very diverse sectors. He is excellent at using the various “languages” of a company in order to reach people and organizations and assist in their individual development. As an experienced rally sport athlete and qualified rescue driver, he likes to combine sport with the corporate world. He takes a great interest in researching future trends and the digital changes which are becoming increasingly prevalent in our agile living and working environment.


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