Thomas Hesse studied marketing, PR management, and business communication at the Escola Superior de Relacions Públiques and the Universitat Autónoma de Catalunya in Spain. His main areas of interest here were marketing and communication.

Professional career
After obtaining his degree, Thomas Hesse first worked in sales in the real estate sector before switching to media management. His interest in marketing and sales led him to a company that focused on marketing modern redevelopment techniques. Here he took charge of sales in the Balearic Islands. Thomas Hesse has also worked in tourism, including for a travel company in Spain, Germany, and England, subsequently taking over a management position for a hotel chain in Majorca. In 2016, his passion for marketing, sales, and personal development ultimately took him to Pawlik Consultants.

Sales and communication have played a major role in Thomas Hesse’s career. He is also passionate about his other areas of interest: staff training and customer acquisition.


Contact data:
Send an email or call on +49 (0)40/53 28 50-0