Dr. Mathias

Dr. Mathias Hein has a degree in Political Science, Law and Sociology from Philipps University in Marburg, and a PhD in Business and Social Sciences from the University of Bremen.

Professional career
Dr. Mathias Hein began his career in academia, working in education and participation research, and in human resources and organizational development at various universities. After completing his PhD, he also lectured in business science at the University of Bremen. In 1995 Hein left academia to establish himself as a self-employed trainer and consultant, and has since dedicated himself to the development of leaders and teams, advising companies on strategic positioning, change processes, and management instruments. He has been a member of the PAWLIK Consultants team since 2015.

Dr. Hein specializes in training programs for team-building, project management and leadership development, and in coaching for young professionals and managers.


Contact data:
Send an email or call on +49 (0)40/53 28 50-0 bzw. +49 (0)171/17 17 84 2