Friederike Heep studied Psychology in Düsseldorf and Constance, where her principal areas of focus were clinical psychology and industrial and organizational psychology. She later gained an additional qualification as a scan coach.

Professional career
After gaining practical work experience at a recruitment company, Friederike Heep went into academia. At the University of Münster, she conducted research into the fields of healthy leadership, work commitment and vitality, and lectured on health management and on personnel selection and development. Two years later, she additionally assumed the role of consultant, redesigning the apprenticeship selection procedure for the University and training the apprenticeship instructors. In 2013 Friederike Heep decided to return to the world of practical psychology and joined PAWLIK’s Personnel Diagnostics unit.

In her role as a psychologist at PAWLIK, Friederike Heep is intensively involved in projects within the areas of personnel selection, personnel development and organizational development. As a licensed scan consultant, she analyzes and interprets the results of the scan personality test, i.e., PAWLIK’s Analysis of Potential. She then compiles expert reports and conducts feedback talks based on this. Heep also conducts training seminars to qualify company managers, trainers, psychologists and coaches as scan consultants, offering both these seminars and her feedback talks in English and German. She also boasts considerable expertise in the design and implementation of assessment centers.


Contact data:
Send an email or call on +49 (0)40/53 28 50-0