Joachim Pawlik trained as a shipping agent with Gebrüder Heinemann and studied Business Administration at the University of Hamburg while pursuing a career as a professional soccer player, eventually playing for the second-league F.C. St. Pauli.

Professional career
In 1987, he left both soccer and the academy to found a financial services company with a partner. There he gained broad experience as Director of Sales and Marketing. Five years later, he sold his share of the company and began a career in sales and management training. In 1996, he founded PAWLIK Sales Consultants GmbH, initially focusing on sales strategy and personnel development. In pursuit of a more scientific basis for the company’s activities, the firm eventually acquired ScanUp, a developer of diagnostic tools based on the work of Professor Julius Kuhl in the area of motivation. Today, PAWLIK Consultants employs over 300 consultants in offices throughout Europe and around the world, providing their clients with a broad range of services and expertise at the intersection of people and organizations.

In addition to his role as Chairman of the Board at PAWLIK Consultants, Joachim Pawlik is a member of various advisory boards. In November 2014, he assumed the vice presidency of F.C. St. Pauli, where he is responsible for Marketing, Sponsoring, and Sports. He is actively involved in all of PAWLIK Consultants’ business activities, and is much in demand on the lecture circuit as a speaker on management-related topics.


Contact data:
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