Are the talented people in your company in the right place? Do all employees have the opportunity to utilize their full potential? And who are the worthy successors for management positions? We help you to find this out – and to put your talented staff to even better use.

Benefits of successful talent management

Highly qualified staff are universally popular but cannot be found everywhere. Especially in times of demographic change. Take the matter into your own hands and start in your own ranks. With strategic talent management you can

  • increase the competencies of your current employees,
  • put the right people in the right jobs,
  • avoid staff bottlenecks by training your junior staff yourself.

What do you do when crucial positions become vacant? Let existing employees take over. Systematic talent management ensures that you are ideally prepared. It allows you to identify the promising, talented staff in your company and equip them with competencies. This is a win-win situation:

  • You continuously increase the skills and motivation of your workforce.
  • Staff promoted internally are well-connected and familiar with the company culture.
  • And your key positions are quickly filled.

Staff who can develop within your company and are actively encouraged to do so will remain loyal. But that’s not all. If employees are allowed to realize their full potential, they are motivated and more committed. Talent management makes precisely this possible. After all, loyal, motivated employees are priceless.

Imagine a company where people act and think across departments and hierarchies. At lunch employees talk about their customer projects. If someone has an idea for another employee, they share it. This could be your company. Because in talent management programs, intelligent workers in different teams get to know each other and stay in touch. Openly and independently of any hierarchies. Your entire company is therefore always learning, making it adaptive and well-connected.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of talent management.



We are driven by one belief in particular: that people want to fulfill their potential and to use this potential in their jobs. In our talent management work, we help your employees to do just this, providing them with highly specialized, systematic guidance. We even go a step further, by analyzing the circumstances as a whole and assessing whether a person’s personality traits, motives ad competencies are really a good fit for the role he/she is in.

We always look at the situation from two perspectives: from a requirements-oriented perspective, which involves analyzing key positions and clearly defining the specifications for those roles (only with a clear requirements profile can the best possible candidate be found); and from a talent-oriented perspective, which sees us examine the skills and competencies the person concerned possesses, and ascertain which gaps these skills and competencies could fill. The final step in the process is to bring these two perspectives together, and in doing so we ensure that you have the right people working in the right roles.

How we find talented people for you

Who is the best fit for your key position? Who not only fulfills your requirements, but will also flourish in this job? We find the right person for you, whether internally or externally. In an assessment center we put the candidates in real work and management situations and observe their conduct. Our subsequent evaluation is firmly based in reality: our consultants classify the conduct of your candidates by scientific standards. This is because we know from psychological research exactly how conduct reflects competencies. You therefore obtain a well-founded recommendation for your personnel decision.

Our secret to success is our personnel diagnostics. With PAWLIK’s Analysis of Potential, you can get to know your candidates or employees as well as their personalities and competencies even better than you would with intensive job interviews alone. What is so special about this is that our Analysis of Potential not only identifies people’s conscious motivations, but also their unconscious motivations. You can therefore discover the development potential of your candidate or employee, helping to predict professional success. This makes your decisions easier and more well-founded. We also tailor the Analysis of Potential precisely to your needs. We have specific analyses for the areas of leadership, sales, service and inside sales ready for you. You can always find the right person for a given position.

Your employees and executives interact with each other day in, day out, just like your customers. They also notice how your team behaves. So why should we not consult those who have the best insight? With 360° feedback, we ask everyone connected to the relevant person for honest feedback. The benefit is that we are neutral and impartial, which means that employees, executives and customers can confide in us and you get extensive, objective feedback. This makes the perfect basis for helping the relevant staff and executives to develop.

External and self-assessments are another way to gauge the current competencies of your talented staff. In a personal interview we focus entirely on the competencies critical to the success of your key position. We first ask employees how they would assess themselves. Then we ask their managers – and sometimes colleagues and customers – for their views. Then we look at the assessments together. What is the same? Where do opinions differ? This makes strengths and areas for improvement clear.

The procedures involved

We begin by sitting down together and having you explain your situation and objectives. We listen carefully and, from our neutral, external perspective, ask probing questions. We then jointly develop the framework for your talent management program. This framework will define

  • the program’s strategic objectives,
  • its key roles and profiles,
  • the career prospects it offers,
  • the criteria for participating in and leaving the program,
  • the selection procedure,
  • communication measures,
  • and the program management team.

We then find out where your employees’ talents lie. Who has which competencies? Where lies hidden potential and how can this be capitalized on? Who exhibits the capacity to advance into a particular leadership position? Using proven methods, we identify the most promising candidates. Working closely with you, we then decide which employees should join your talent management program.

We then begin the development process, which will see your talented employees learning and training new competencies until these become routine. To read more about the individual measures we employ here, go to our section on Training. These training sessions are complemented by measures and events such as

  • evening get-togethers,
  • mentoring,
  • peer coaching, and
  • shadowing of colleagues.

Once the talent development phase has been completed, some program participants might be given new responsibilities. Perhaps they will be assigned a leadership role for the first time. We provide expert guidance to such “high potentials”, including those you may also have newly hired, to ensure that they become quickly and comprehensively acquainted with their new position and can call on their full potential. Our support in this respect comprises:

  • Onboarding coaching
  • Personal development plans
  • Leadership recommendations
  • Peer-to-peer advisory sessions


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential.

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