Which sales success factors have to be improved for your goals to be achieved? The integrated program provides you with custom solutions for this.

Why you need sales excellence

High turnover, small profit? That’s not how it should be. Sales excellence allows you not only to achieve your turnover targets more quickly and effectively, but also to increase your profitability. There are various vital elements here, such as

  • optimized pricing,
  • an improved product range structure,
  • and new service packages that suit customer behavior.

Attracting new customers and developing existing customer relationships is routine work for sales staff. But these core activities are not so easy. Workers who improve their sales competencies can significantly increase their success rate, which benefits both the company and the sales staff. Important sales competencies include

  • establishing initial contact in a congenial way,
  • developing and maintaining personal relationships,
  • and recognizing the customer’s actual needs.

How productive is your sales department? There is always room for improvement here. Important productivity factors include the following:

  • Shortened sales time – the better your organizational structure, the more quickly products or services are sold.
  • Optimized division of responsibilities – who is most effective in dealings with which customers?
  • Ideal division of the product range – what does the inside sales team sell the best, which product or service is most suited for sales representatives?

An excellent sales department is not content when a product or service becomes established within a customer group. No later than at this point is it time to capture new markets. With sales excellence you can

  • approach new regions – in Germany, Europe and worldwide,
  • offer new products to tap into additional target groups,
  • and undertake cross-selling – after all, your customers trust you and can also use your support in other fields.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of sales excellence.



Marketing guru Philip Kotler once wisely stated: “The sales department isn’t the whole company, but the whole company better be the sales department.” We couldn’t agree more. Indeed, this is the very attitude that defines our approach to sales excellence. Our goal is therefore to instill sales drive throughout your entire company, to encourage each individual employee to think about what he or she can do to promote sales.

After all, creating value is about selling something at an appropriate price. And to sell at the right price, a company must ensure that its main focus, across the board, is on the wants and needs of the customer. Because without customers, there are no sales; and without sales, a company has no purpose. Everyone in the company should therefore be doing their bit to ensure the customer gets the best possible product or service. Irrespective of the department they work in.

Where we can help

The customer is king. This guiding principle must be reflected in your overall sales strategy. Customer orientation is therefore our top priority when we differentiate your strategy in detail with you.

  • Who are the right target groups and which of their needs do your company’s products and services meet? What exactly do customers expect?
  • Through which distribution channels (such as franchises, websites, partners) can you most effectively and efficiently reach your customers?
  • How is the competition positioned? Where do you stand in relation to the competition?

Only when these and other questions have clear answers do we define further strategic parameters. In addition to an effective sales structure, these include targeted communication and the competencies profiles of sales staff.

The customer life cycle requires you to be professional at all times, from the acquisition of new clients to customer retention and recovery. But how do you deal with your customers? The interplay between human and company must be smooth and perfectly coordinated here. We help you to get all departments to work as one and thereby achieve the desired customer management results. And in consultation with you, we define sales targets and core processes. From this we can deduce which activities, instruments and content are appropriate and can be used. Coordinated skills profiles also lead to personal excellence in individual customer relationships (CRM).

In sales management, we coordinate the different factors that affect your sales performance and productivity. These include the following:

  • Sales funnel volumes: How do you organize the acquisition process so that as many leads as possible develop an interest and then become long-term customers? We identify the points where many interested parties previously backed out and find better ways.
  • Incentivization: What is the right balance between variable and fixed remuneration? It is important here to find a balance between motivating sales employees and satisfying customers.
  • Customer value: When is a customer especially valuable to your company? Together we can find the right, measurable criteria.

In the entire process we focus on the most important leverage for your business. At the same time we ensure that no factors are contradictory. Last but not least, we focus on people. Together with you we select competent employees for individual tasks and help them to develop in a targeted manner.

Major customers deserve a great deal of attention. It is therefore crucial that key account management is positioned excellently, both in terms of concepts and organization. Only then can you capture the market and attract major players. To ensure that your strategic selling is excellent, we can develop an independent concept for your key account management, covering everything from strategy, products and processes to communication and controlling. We coherently integrate this into your entire organization. But people also have a crucial role in key account management. We therefore equip your key account managers with the competencies that will make their sales work even more successful. This lets us direct your performance optimally toward the market and your customers.

Sales excellence – The procedures involved

How is your sales department performing? In which areas could you be performing even better? We find the answers to these questions by conducting sales audits. We can do this either for individual sales units or for specific fields, for example customer relationship management.

These audits involve in-depth questionnaires, interviews and workshops through which we analyze your sales work from three different perspectives: that of your customers, that of your employees and that of your management. We can also use our Analysis of Potential to reliably measure the individual sales competencies of your employees. We complete the audit process by presenting you with a comprehensive audit report. In it, we identify the areas that need tackling and detail corresponding approaches, structuring them according to the effort they involve and benefits they will have.

The sales audit process provides us with a sound basis for the next step: the sales excellence concept. During this step, we develop the strategic and operational aspects of the concept, ensuring that the two areas are in optimal alignment with each other. What results is an effective, highly coherent system geared toward advancing your company’s goals. Our approach to developing the concept is holistic, taking into account all influential factors. We therefore

  • define your end customers,
  • optimize your profile vis-à-vis your competitors,
  • identify profitable regions,
  • adapt your IT systems in accordance with the concept,
  • create clear task profiles,
  • ensure that your staff’s skills and abilities are being employed to maximum effect,
  • define the right parameters for steering, controlling, processes and structures.

Then comes a key step: Making it happen; turning our tailored concept into reality. And in doing so ensuring not only that we have selected the right instruments, but that these are optimally interlinked. In terms of your sales excellence, this means ensuring that, for example, the right IT systems have been selected and suitably programmed;

  • your sales documentation is ideally suited to promoting the sales process,
  • your remuneration system is fit for purpose and includes the right types of incentive,
  • your forecasting works smoothly,
  • your business processes are in tune with your company’s daily operations.

The fourth step is the most crucial of all: training your staff. Capable employees are like the engine that propels your sales excellence, after all. Ideally, we provide the same degree of training to all sales staff, i.e.

  • to your inside sales specialists and your field sales specialists,
  • to your service employees,
  • and to your sales managers.

Prior to starting the training measures, we ascertain how pronounced the requisite competencies are in the various employees. To do this, we use our scientific diagnostics systems. Should we determine that specific specialized roles are lacking in your company, we recruit suitable staff and subsequently ensure their smooth integration. In a nutshell, we boost your competitiveness by infusing your company with sales drive.


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential.

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