A strong sales force is the key to sustainable company results. We find the top sales performers for your company that are the right fit for you and your customers.

Reasons and rationale for the sales recruiting service

Are you looking for the best sales employees? Then place your trust in the expertise of specialized personnel consultants. You benefit in multiple ways:

  • Through professional sales recruiters you have access to a large, specialist network.
  • Personnel consultants bring a new dynamism to the search on account of their new methods and fresh, outside perspective.
  • Your vacancies will be filled more quickly than would usually be the case using internal methods.

Whether you’re a start-up, an established company or a group, your sales team must include the best. It is crucial to find the right people for your newly developed or existing sales team. Sales recruiters can find competent sales experts for you who

  • are a good fit for you and your company culture,
  • know your market and the sales requirements,
  • and achieve strong performances together.

Naturally, your personnel department knows best who is right for your company. But it is nonetheless often worthwhile to have service providers on board. The benefits of this include the following:

  • relief for your personnel department in tight time frames or when there is great demand for sales personnel,
  • more flexible recruiting,
  • a large network and targeted contact.

Potential is often found where you least expect it. It is therefore worthwhile to take a broader view and consider talented people in other industries and markets. It is also often beneficial to find someone in your own ranks. Sometimes it is the people who are not even considered who have the greatest potential. You can

  • expand your search field,
  • benefit from networks in diverse industries and markets,
  • discover talented people in your workforce using scientific tools,
  • and reduce your staff turnover by employing the right people for the right positions.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of sales recruiting.



Our sales recruiting motto: Salespeople find salespeople. After all, there is no one better able to evaluate a person’s talent for sales than a sales expert. This is the credo that guides our work. Our consultants and junior consultants live and breathe sales. Passionate and purpose-driven, they are among the best in their field, and are extremely well-connected as a result. What’s more: With us you get a broad spectrum of services from one source. One of our consultants will become your personal contact, seeking out suitable candidates, approaching them and then selecting them for interview. This process is quick, efficient and good value for money.

Our Analysis of Potential, with which we can identify a person’s personal competencies, gives us even more of an edge in the field of personnel selection. It enables us to reliably assess whether a candidate is a good match for the role in question, not only in terms of his/her personal skills, but also in terms of his/her suitability for your corporate culture and team. This combination of sales expertise and specialized resources will help you find just the right person for your sales position.

Our solutions

We promise you that contact will be quick, efficient and from one place. You will have a dedicated contact who will work on your entire search request from A to Z. One of our consultants will define the search strategy with you and identify and select suitable candidates, thereby accelerating the required coordination processes with you. Your applicants too will have only one contact.

Digital tools ensure that processes are smooth and efficient. We make use of the following:

  • our database systems where we maintain numerous candidate profiles in line with the most modern standards,
  • specialized industry and sales networks,
  • social media channels,
  • advertisements on important online platforms and, if required, in printed media.

Our consultants themselves have a wealth of sales expertise. They are therefore in the best position to assess candidates. However, that alone does not make us content. Our second quality seal is our scientifically based Analysis of Potential. All applicants undergo this analysis before we make a definitive decision, allowing us to double-check the professional view of the consultant. Are all competencies as developed as expected? The Analysis of Potential provides clear answers and an additional safety factor for your decisions.

Are you looking for an entire sales team? Or is a vacant sales position a key role for which you need the best candidate now? If so, it’s worthwhile running an assessment center. We can also help you here and identify the right person for you. In an assessment center, we put the candidates in real work and sales situations and observe their conduct. We combine the result with our Analysis of Potential. Our subsequent evaluation is firmly based in reality: our consultants classify the conduct of your candidates by scientific standards. This is because we know from psychological research exactly how conduct reflects competencies. You therefore obtain a well-founded recommendation for your personnel decision.

Our sales recruiting procedures

No search without a plan: We begin by compiling a detailed requirements profile for the position in question. We then devise a clear search strategy.

It’s then time to get started. To conduct our search, we use a variety of different media and capitalize on the power of our extensive network, identifying suitable candidates and approaching them directly. For this, your consultant will rely not only on his/her sales expertise but also on his/her knowledge of the respective business sector.

We now need to find out which of the potential candidates really is a good fit. Our first step is the conduct of professional telephone interviews, often in different languages, during which we systematically compare the candidates’ profiles with the requirements profile for the role.

Our second step is to examine the suitable candidates more closely still by having them complete our Analysis of Potential. This competency-based diagnostic instrument enables us to identify both the candidates’ individual strengths as well as the areas in which they require development. It provides us with in-depth insights into the personality of each candidate, which in turn allow us to assess how successful, on a long-term basis, he/she will be in the role concerned.

We present the best candidates to you, and you ultimately decide which of them to hire. We then provide you with guidance and assistance right through to the final contract signing.


On behalf of our clients, we publish current sales and management vacancies from a wide range of sectors. Go to our job portal to browse these.


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential.

Our consultants

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