What truly motivates applicants and employees? What is it that enables them to do their best? Our Analysis of Potential provides you with precise answers.

How you can expediently use personnel diagnostics

Your experience naturally tells you who is the right fit for your company. But now and then it may be the case that a promising candidate turns out to have no talent in the probationary period. Our Analysis of Potential helps you to collect more information about candidates before you make recruitment decisions, regardless of whether this is part of a selection process or an assessment center. We therefore help you to reduce the number of incorrect decisions made.

Would you like to make your personnel work or personnel development measurable? Demonstrate success in black and white to safeguard or increase your budget? Our personnel diagnostics make precisely this possible. Our psychologists determine where your employees currently are in their development and record this in writing. We use our scientifically substantiated Analysis of Potential for this. If we repeat the analysis regularly, your employees’ progress becomes clear. This is what we call measured success.

Training courses are a dime a dozen. But how does the personnel department, trainer or coach actually know where a person truly needs to develop? Our personnel diagnostics clarify this to ensure that not just any old training measures are implemented. PAWLIK’s Analysis of Potential shows precisely where individual employees

  • have hidden opportunities for development,
  • have particularly strongly or weakly developed competencies,
  • and have unconscious resources.

You may be familiar with the dilemma: An executive moves to a new position and a team needs a new manager quickly. A couple of candidates within the team are ready to go. But who would be the best executive? Our personnel diagnostics can help you to decide which team member has the greatest management competencies. We don’t want you to be in a position where you lose a good member of staff and gain a poor manager.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of personnel diagnostics.



Our personnel diagnostics services are based on over 25 years of intensive scientific research conducted by Professor Julius Kuhl, a world-renowned expert in the fields of personality research and differential psychology. The procedures we use take the most significant classic theories developed by such distinguished behavioral scientists and psychologists as Jung, Maslow and Pawlow, and combine them to create a highly practical yet scientifically sound explanation of how human action control works. Our scan procedure, for example, is based not only on behavioral science but also on physiological measurements (e.g. EEG) and neuropsychological research findings.

For more on the scientific background to PAWLIK’s approach, click here.

Our diagnostics services offer much more than standard aptitude or personality tests. The PAWLIK Analysis of Potential doesn’t put people in pigeonholes the way other tests do. Indeed, it enables us to identify and individually evaluate more than 120 personality traits. It also measures both a person’s conscious motives and his/her unconscious motives – an aspect that truly sets the analysis apart. As a result, we can show a person not only how he/she behaves, but also why this is the case. The Analysis of Potential therefore provides much more than just a snapshot of the candidate’s life. It reliably reveals where that person’s development needs, unconscious strengths and hidden potential lie. So, what proof do we have of our system’s success? The trust of our clients: In recent years, 25,000 specialists and managers have taken the Analysis of Potential.

Our diagnostics services

Do you need reliable information quickly on the competencies of an employee or applicant? Then the Analysis of Potential “basic” is the right fit for you. We have specific analyses for the areas of leadership, sales, service and inside sales ready for you. Each skill is evaluated by four observable behavior patterns. For added convenience, you automatically receive the result report immediately after the analysis is carried out. This clearly shows you how developed the person’s personal competencies are. This is a quick way to be certain about your personnel decisions.

What motivates your employees or applicants? Where do they get their energy? How will they develop in the future? The Analysis of Potential “advanced” answers these questions for you. This not only reveals the current level of competencies, but goes much deeper and uncovers the applicant’s unconscious sources of motivation. This individual analysis is possible as our specially trained experts (scan-licensed consultants) carry out the evaluation manually. We put the results in an individually worded report or meet for a personal feedback discussion. For the analysis, you can choose between leadership, sales, service and inside sales.

Sometimes the focus is on an entire team rather than an individual employee. How does the team work? Are there problems in the cooperation and, if so, where? How can the group improve and develop as a whole? Our team analysis has the answers. After the online Analysis of Potential you will know exactly what will make the team successful.

Your company is as unique as your employees. So why should you not set your own standards when you analyze the potential of your workforce? We can determine your internal benchmark for you. Here we are guided by the best in your company. Once we discover how developed their competencies are, we have your company-specific benchmark. This makes the perfect basis for your company’s own Analysis of Potential and we would be happy to put it together for you. From this point onwards, you can measure all employees against your benchmark.

Our diagnostics procedures

People taking the Analysis of Potential first complete an online questionnaire. The “basic” version only takes 20 to 40 minutes. Completing the “advanced” version will require between 120 and 150 minutes. The participant can choose when and where to do the analysis. Both tests comprise a set of multiple choice questions through which the participant evaluates himself/herself. The “advanced” version also includes a series of images. For each, the participant must describe what the people pictured are doing and how they feel.

You receive the results of your analysis in document form. For the “basic” version, the report is generated fully automatically; you therefore receive it almost immediately. If you have opted to take the Analysis of Potential “advanced”, you will receive a comprehensive, individualized report compiled by one of our scan consultants. The report can either contain an assessment of ten to fifteen pre-selected competencies that have been identified as highly significant to the participant’s job profile (report “advanced”); or it can evaluate all the competencies pertaining to a specific work area and evaluate how pronounced these are in your employee or candidate fares in these (report “advanced extended”).

Do you like personal feedback? So do we. We gladly provide you or your candidate with the results of the analysis as part of a personal feedback talk, which can be booked in addition or as an alternative to the analysis report. This talk will be conducted by one of our licensed scan consultants and will take about one-and-a- half hours. Held in a neutral location, it will involve going through all the aspects of the analysis step-by-step. The key benefit: Any questions can be clarified immediately.

How to proceed from here? Our diagnostics approach also provides participants with a set of specific tips that make it easier for them to actively drive their own development. We use the results of the Analysis of Potential “advanced” to establish how the participant in question is likely to learn most effectively.  We then provide him/her with a recommended learning approach, in which we reveal where his/her true motivational sources lie and suggest how these can be exploited so as to further improve learning performance.

The participant’s manager can also play an important role in this respect. We therefore also provide him/her with specific leadership recommendations designed to enhance his/her working relationship with the participant. These are provided under the headings:

  • “How you can motivate Mr./Ms. XY”
  • “Where you could give Mr./Ms. XY more free rein”
  • “How you can support Mr./Ms. XY”


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential

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