Learning architecture is integrated into day-to-day operations via leadership performance in such a way that employees can successfully learn on the job.

Exploit the competitive advantage of learning architecture

We all operate in a dynamic environment. Markets change just as quickly as new technological opportunities arise. Our only chance to withstand the competition is continuous learning. Only when people and organizations continually adjust and learn can they be successful. Sustainable learning architecture guarantees this.

Learning, leadership and culture are the three central issues of personnel work; it cannot go smoothly without them. Studies show, however, that those working in HR think there is a lot of catching up to be done here.

Systematically established learning architecture

  • is integrated into everyday work by the leadership team,
  • promotes lifelong learning among employees,
  • and fits into and boosts the existing company culture.

Processes, product characteristics, communication channels. Each company has very specific knowledge that it could not do without. The longer an employee is with the company, the more company-specific knowledge this employee has. But how can this knowledge be retained once an employee leaves the company? Strategic knowledge management makes it accessible to other colleagues so they can make use of it and develop it. This is a valuable part of functioning learning architecture.

Many small changes can sometimes prevent big, expensive changes. Systematic organizations are used in reflection and improvements of all kinds. They have a culture of open, constructive communication. And they know that better is the enemy of good. Systematic learning architecture integrates exactly this way of thinking into your company so that you continually improve.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of learning architecture.



We build learning architectures that promote continued, self-directed, enthusiastic learning. Because we know that to learn effectively and sustainably, a person must assume responsibility for his/her own development. Our learning architectures are based on sound scientific principles, primarily from the fields of neurobiology and psychology. These enable us to know exactly how individual people learn and in what circumstances they particularly enjoy learning.

When implementing our learning architectures, we combine classic methods with the new possibilities offered by digitalization. We also take into account the changing values of Generation Y. So, for example, our learning architectures allow for great flexibility in terms time and place. Step-by-step, we create a coherent, strategically sound architectural concept, the long-term goal of which is to turn your company into a learning organization.

Our solutions

We know from experience that everyone learns differently. We have therefore developed suitable learning media for all learning styles.

These include:

  • Online learning portal: our all-rounder for your talented staff. It is a planning assistant, toolbox, media library and reference work all in one. Your staff and executives can create a personal learning plan online and develop their competencies independently without delay.
  • E-books/textbooks: we found normal textbooks too boring. We therefore filled our textbooks with pragmatic development information, examples and stories from everyday life. The result is completely practical but still well-founded.
  • Audio programs: whether it’s sales methods that can be quickly replayed or a guide to learning on an unconscious level in order to draw strength and break down barriers, learning with audio programs is easy and efficient.
  • Workbooks: Do you want an interactive learning tool that is specially tailored to your team or company? Then our workbook is the right choice. It enables your employees to develop their competencies systematically, at their own pace and on their own schedule.

We build learning architectures so that you can get the greatest benefit. Your company will become a learning organization. How does that work? We apply our learning strategy to all areas across the company, thus carrying over our fundamental ideas concerning change to all business areas and combining leadership, HR management, process management and culture change into one cohesive program. This allows continuous change management to develop almost automatically.

How do you equip your employees with valuable competencies? We have worked on this issue intensively for the past 20 years, and have come up with a solution. Our system is based on neurobiological findings. We know how people learn and when they like to do so. We can use this knowledge to develop a competence design program for you. This includes:

  • Individual diagnostics, allowing us to discover what individuals are capable of and which competencies can be developed – clearly and pragmatically.
  • Helping employees to develop in a targeted manner, using content that meets their needs. We give them enough space to learn independently.

What else do we do? We ensure that your competency management is clear to all, logically structured, precise and practicable. You thus equip employees with in a way that is accepted and valued by all.

Why not combine your training activities on a central platform – at a Corporate Academy? We have successfully established and developed academies of varying sizes. They now provide excellent employees and are thus a strategic milestone. Together with you we develop the conceptual service spectrum and the organizational part. In the process we answer questions such as:

  • What is the role of the Academy?
  • How is it strategically integrated into the company?
  • Which types of education/training do you offer in the Academy?
  • What are the exact approaches and processes?

In the next step we define the competencies that will make your employees successful and that should be developed. A coherent provision of technology and resources finally makes the Academy ready for use. And you achieve measurable results.

Creating learning architectures – The steps involved

Where do you stand currently? What key areas do you most need to develop in order to boost your performance? We find the answers to these questions by performing a learning audit. In keeping with the meaning of the Latin word “auditus”, our learning audit consists primarily in listening to you. The planned learning architecture and, as such, the learning audit, can be implemented either for your entire company or for specific areas (e.g. academy or target group programs). Once we have completed the audit, we provide you with our findings in a structured report. This report takes your company strategy into account and pinpoints areas for development.

Now that we know the status quo and understand what you want to achieve, it’s time to work out how to get there. Together with you, we develop an individual learning strategy. You contribute your insider knowledge; we use our unbiased, external perspective. Taking into account your company and HR strategy as well as the specific learning needs of different groups, we define

  • the system settings best-suited to achieving your goals,
  • the organizational framework,
  • the requisite financial and material resources.

We also clarify the following questions: How much importance should be attributed to learning “on-the-job”? To what extent should participants’ learning be self-directed? How can participants get into the flow? After this process, we are able to clearly see the path to take.

How do you know what you know? This is the next key question we ask. Every learning architecture requires some form of professional knowledge management. However, companies regularly fail to manage their knowledge in a structured, centralized manner. Our first task in this area is therefore often to record and structure your knowledge. Once we have done this, we can turn our attention to suitable formats and media. In this regard, the digital world offers a wide range of options for storing knowledge, keeping it continually updated and accessing it. “Serious gaming” and “collaborative learning” are two such options. We ensure that you use the options you select appropriately.

We regularly hear of HR officers telling employees, “We have a whole range of continuing education courses. You can simply select the course that best suits you”. While this may sound good, it is not a sustainable approach. Instead of simply putting an assortment of courses at employees’ disposal, we focus on systematic competency development. To do this, we first determine how pronounced the competencies are in your employees. Based on our findings and using modern media, we then provide them with targeted training, measuring their progress as we go. This is how competency development works. And how we complete your learning architecture.


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential.

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