Leadership performance focuses on fundamental challenges such as growth, competitiveness and profitability, as well as overarching challenges such as focus and agility.

Added value from strong leadership performance

Would you like your company to keep growing? Perhaps even expand into new countries? Find new clients? Bring other products and services to market? Utilize distribution channels to their full potential? Then you need strong leadership performance, as leadership is a crucial driving force behind growth. On the one hand, a harmonious, innovative overall strategy provides the best framework conditions to expand your business, while on the other, human expertise is indispensable. Excellent executives systematically guide your teams and motivate them to perform in the best way possible, paving the way for new growth.

Increase your influence on the market. Improved leadership performance allows you not only to secure competitors’ market shares, but also to expand them. After all, strong leadership and a coherent organizational concept

  • guarantee efficient processes that are perfectly matched,
  • give your employees space to develop brilliant ideas for innovative products and services,
  • and recognize and support talented people.

If the right leadership is in place, employee motivation only increases. A sound leadership team must create structures that allow employees to develop and work together smoothly. This starts with ambitious but realistic goals, includes functioning processes and goes far beyond a motivating company culture. Each executive can make a big difference at an individual level. They should help their employees to find and optimally exploit their own sources of motivation and use these to shape framework conditions on an ongoing basis. This allows you to increase your team’s motivation – in the long term and with added value.

You can learn how to manage and lead. We are confident of this. Competent conduct is not innate, but can be acquired through training and coaching. This is true for individuals, teams and entire companies. The more you practice, the more the desired behavior becomes routine. This includes

  • entrepreneurial thinking,
  • guiding employees in the right direction by providing well-founded feedback,
  • and correct decision-making.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of leadership performance.



Leading companies tend to have two aspects in common: firstly, a coherent, meaningful overall concept that they implement consistently; and secondly, highly competent people, in leadership positions in particular. Indeed, competent leadership is something without which no company in the world could truly succeed. We’re not talking about heroics here, but rather about the ability to structure leadership in a way that incites teams to deliver the best possible performance.

Our goal is to empower your company to excel on both fronts. To do this, we apply a systemic, individualized approach. This first involves conducting an analysis of your company, your key players, and the interaction between them. Achieving strong leadership performance is down to numerous factors, after all. These include the company’s strategy, organization, processes, culture, steering instruments, innovation, learning resources, and competency development. Once we have identified the areas most in need of action, we begin strengthening your performance step-by-step. We don’t apply standard approaches, but rather work according to our clients’ specific circumstances.

Where we can help

How do you achieve your company goals? By logically linking all goals and setting the right priorities. Only then, you can determine the right activities and effectively use increasingly scarce resources. It sounds easy, but it’s not. We can help you with our unbiased view from the outside and our experience from 20 years of management consultancy. You thus benefit twice as your strategy becomes reality and your culture is strengthened. After all, transparent management also increases your workforce’s motivation as a positive, strong company culture develops.

Lone fighters are good, but strong teams are better. Though how well do you actually work together? Where is there friction? We can find out where there are still problems and simplify your workers’ cooperation. We therefore not only strengthen your culture of cooperation, but make your processes as fluid and qualitative as possible to make your performance efficient. In order to ensure that you do the right things, we ensure

  • useful rules that encourage productivity,
  • efficient coordination processes,
  • high-quality meetings,
  • efficient delegation,
  • realistic planning and goal formulation,
  • transparent resource and project management,
  • and a cooperative culture.

One driver of dynamic solutions within an organization is often neglected, namely clearly defined roles and responsibilities. There is great potential for improvement here, which we can realize by doing the following:

  • Creating transparent role profiles together with you, defining clear responsibilities and clearly assigning areas of responsibility. This way everyone knows what they’re doing – and what everyone else is doing. Cooperation becomes more fluid. Responsibilities are assumed, decisions are made quickly and reliably by the right people.
  • Making a crucial decision. Are individual people the best fit for their roles? If the required formal and personal competencies are lacking, we can equip employees with these in competence-based training sessions for the benefit of the individual and the company.

Successful, innovative companies are self-critical, analyze in depth and continuously question routines. They consistently look for the best, for pioneering solutions. This allows them to secure growth and continuous renewal. We help you to boldly think this way by taking the following steps:

  • We remove the blinkers from your eyes: as a starting point, we establish a lively, constructive feedback culture in your ranks. More openness results in better performance.
  • Change is the only constant: We help you to implement professional, permanent change management. This is an advanced leadership discipline.
  • The shift to an agile company: permanent learning is the key to success. We provide an extensive learning system that encourages all people individually. But we also ensure that your organization grows as well, giving rise to a learning organization – the ideal, agile company. This prepares you for future competition.

Our procedures for enhancing leadership performance

Our first step is to assess your current leadership strength. Our leadership audit provides us answers to questions like:

  • What are the skills and abilities of your leadership team?
  • Are your current structures such that they promote top performance?

Depending on your needs, we can conduct this audit for the company as a whole, for individual departments, or for specific fields such as strategy or competencies. Your needs will also dictate what tools we use for the audit (e.g. structured interviews or the Analysis of Potential). Upon completing the audit, we provide you with an audit report. This report identifies the areas that need tackling and details corresponding approaches, structuring them according to the effort they involve and benefits they will have.

Our second step is equally individualized. Based on the results of the audit, we develop a concept through which to strengthen and advance your leadership performance. Components of the concept could include:

  • aligning goals,
  • strengthening cooperation,
  • optimizing procedures,
  • developing ideal structures,
  • enhancing resource planning efficiency,
  • defining roles more clearly,
  • developing and consolidating leadership competencies,
  • promoting a culture of feedback,
  • establishing change management systems,
  • facilitating continual, self-directed learning.

Now comes the step that sees us take things further than most other consulting firms: we turn your concept into reality. After all, what use are plans if you don’t actually carry them out. Working together with you, we implement the measures developed during the performance design phase. These measures will affect such diverse areas as programs, structures, processes, culture and instruments, and serve to palpably strengthen your leadership performance.

The next step is to turn our attention to your employees, providing them with effective leadership training. We train your management staff systematically and with clear competency development goals in mind. What sets our training approach apart is our ability to reliably identify where individual employees need development help. This ability is thanks to our sound, research-based Analysis of Potential test, which all participants have to take. The Analysis of Potential is a highly practical instrument based on the findings of psychological and neurobiological research. It enables us to train not standard sets of competencies, but precisely the competencies needed by the individuals concerned to achieve even greater personal success.


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential.

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