Your entire team can perform optimally when HR management is perfectly organized. Do you have the perfect personnel strategy for your company?

Benefit from professional HR management

Your HR management plays a key role in achieving your company goals. Why? It’s simple.

  • HR fundamentally guarantees the quality and quantity of the workforce. After all, there can be no output without manpower.
  • HR is also a driver of innovation from a modern point of view. In an ideal world, HR management incorporates current trends and requirements into the company culture. The company therefore remains attractive to top executives with new ideas, and you remain competitive.

Professional HR management plans personnel needs in the long term, yet remains flexible. A harmonious personnel strategy ensures your employees remain faithful to the company for longer, thus avoiding staff turnover. At the same time, a well-positioned personnel department realizes early on when staffing bottlenecks may arise and prevents this by

  • preemptively cultivating young talents,
  • positioning the company attractively on the labor market,
  • and having short, quick decision processes relating to the filling of vacancies.

HR creates the framework conditions in which your employees work, enabling them to meet current needs, give everything their best and realize their full potential. Targeted programs to develop personnel encourage all individual employees and expand their competencies. This is a win-win situation.

The requirements of applicants and employees are increasing. In addition to the labor market, procurement and sales markets are also undergoing rapid transformations, not least due to global trends. These developments are known as ‘new work’ and include the following challenges that professional HR management can overcome and make profitable:

  • digitalization,
  • determination,
  • democratization,
  • globalization,
  • values of generation Y and Z,
  • diversity,
  • work-life balance.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of HR management.



We firmly believe that people are what make companies successful. Excellent performance, after all, results when the right conditions enable people to make maximum use of their individual competencies. Human Resources is therefore an area of crucial importance to any organization. Moreover, it is an area that should focus less on managing human resources and more on providing resources to humans, i.e. on creating the conditions that enable and inspire people to fulfill their potential.

But how does modern, successful HR management work? Particularly in view of the enormous changes the employment sector is going through? We believe that HR management needs to be strategically structured, today more than ever. It must, at the same time, keep its finger on the pulse, continually incorporating current social and employment trends into its work. We help your company’s HR department to fulfill this innovative, forward-thinking role. To do this, we ensure that your HR management structure is strategically sound and that your HR staff are trained in the right competencies.

Our methods

Demographic changes mean that companies no longer only have to make their product brands attractive to customers, they also have to make themselves attractive as employers. The ability to attract the best employees is, even more so than in the past, a critical success factor. We understand the personality types of occupational groups and know what is important to them and how to best approach them. We understand people. This expertise allows us to position your employer brand optimally so that you can win the ‘war for talents’.

Different sets of competencies are required in every department, and sometimes in every position. HR management must ensure that employees are equipped with the relevant skills. Here we assist you with practical concepts:

  • We identify the relevant competencies. In doing so we are guided by your strategy and culture, and also by the roles and responsibilities of different job families.
  • Then it gets as specific as possible: we formulate how types of conduct reflect different competencies in a way that is understandable to everyone.
  • We also select appropriate measuring instruments and derive the right development measures for your workforce.
  • But we don’t stop at theory. We also help you with implementation. This means that you get everything you need from a single source – from diagnostics to development and outcome measurement.

Agile companies are characterized by strong teams. They plan and act beyond their limits and thus continually achieve better results. Does that sound good? We think so too. We therefore make successful team performance a reality for you. First we lay the foundation by helping you to develop a joint understanding of processes and methods. We don’t stop after the introductory work and instead train your teams until they are high-performance teams.

Is your personnel management state of the art? Sustainable, future-proof personnel work is always concerned with societal, instrumental and technological trends. It finds ways to make these profitable internally in a way that suits your company. We support and advise you in this process. Together with HR and management, we find the right structures, processes and instruments for this.

We also support the competencies of your HR staff and executives. This is very much in the spirit of forward-looking human resources management.

HR management – The steps involved

Our first step in establishing a professional HR management structure is an audit. What the focus of this audit should be is something you decide. Should we evaluate the entire HR value chain, for example? Or should we concentrate on specific topics such as recruitment, talent management or competency management?

Conducting the audit will first involve an in-depth analysis using appropriate methods. From our findings, we compile an audit report in which we show you where your HR management shows room for improvement. How you benefit: We provide you with concrete solutions, specifying their respective costs and benefits. This enables you to make well-reasoned decisions.

As soon as we have the results of the HR audit, we use them to develop your HR strategy. Here, two things are key:

  • that the cornerstones of the HR strategy be based on your company’s overall strategy,
  • and that your top management be involved in the development process.

Only in this way can we ensure coherence and consistency. In developing the strategy, we prioritize the most important development areas and define strategic initiatives, connecting these with specific goals and projects. We simultaneously optimize your HR organization, analyzing the status quo in detail and defining responsibilities, core processes and competencies.

We then turn our attention to the question of how to acquire new employees. In today’s world of work, employers vie for candidates rather than the other way around. And the competition is getting increasingly tough. We tackle this situation by ensuring that your communication is creative and authentic, and by placing it in the right channels. To do this, we need to find out what sets you apart as an employer. So we ask the people best able to judge this: your employees. We then develop corresponding core messages that have real, palpable substance and disseminate these via the appropriate media channels, considerably increasing your attractiveness to candidates.

If you have  good people working for you, it is important to invest in their loyalty in order to keep them over the long term. At Pawlik, we can provide you with both conceptual and an operational support in this respect. Clearly, if an employee remains loyal to your company for a long period, he/she will inevitably go through different phases of life. Your HR management will need to take these phases into account. To facilitate this, we work with you to create a coherent mix consisting of

  • flexible work options,
  • remuneration,
  • infrastructure,
  • development perspectives, and
  • quality leadership.

Moreover, because people by nature want to learn and grow, we ensure that your company provides them with a conceptually sound range of training and education measures that can take into account their changing needs, conveyed via learning media that make independent learning fun.


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential.

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