We find the most suitable executives for you. How? With 20 years of experience, a vast network and a focus on critical competencies.

Reasons and rationale for the executive search service

Demographic trends are leaving their mark as the pool of high performers decreases in size. Successful executives are so sought-after that they no longer need to look for new challenges themselves. Rather, it is now the case that companies try to attract them. Now it is time to acquire strong leaders for your company.

Professional personnel consultants allow you to

  • use intelligent search strategies and proven methods,
  • attract the best players to your company even in crowded markets,
  • and safeguard your personnel decisions – scientific tools can help to precisely predict how successful a candidate will be in the long term.

Potential is often found where you least expect it. It is therefore worthwhile to take a broader view and consider talented people in other industries and markets or even in your own ranks. Sometimes it is the people who are not even considered who have the greatest potential. A professional executive search service allows you to

  • expand your search field,
  • benefit from networks in diverse industries and markets,
  • discover talented people in your workforce using scientific tools,
  • and reduce your staff turnover by employing the right people for the right positions.

Confidential search projects are all-important. They guarantee the calmness required in a selection process to find the right individual(s). Experienced personnel consultants

  • provide the highest level of confidentiality – neither the competition nor other external parties will find out about the search,
  • help you to execute separation and follow-up projects properly for all parties,
  • and, by means of their professional conduct, help to strengthen your employer brand and your employees’ trust.

Your CFO isn’t available for six months? Or your sales manager is planning a sabbatical and wants to come back on her return? No problem. We can find the right interim manager for you in no time, whether for planned or unplanned vacancies. Our extensive network of specialists makes it possible to carry out the search process quickly, helping you to stay flexible and your business to stay on track.

Our brochure provides you with all the important information on the field of executive search.



The goal of a PAWLIK executive search is to find the best possible employee for your company. Because we know that company success is ultimately down to having the right people. We begin by clearly defining the competencies most important to the respective position. In today’s market, communicating these competencies clearly is crucial to finding the right candidates for leadership or specialist roles. Once we have found candidates with the right skill sets, we evaluate their suitability in relation to the corporate values and culture of their potential employer.

To do this, we use our unique Analysis of Potential method. This enables us to reliably assess how well-suited individual candidates are, in terms of personal competencies and behavioral tendencies, to the role in question. How you benefit: We boost your recruitment success rate and can tell you today which candidates will be best able to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our solutions

The contacts that we personally develop are especially valuable. This is also the case when looking for personnel. We therefore speak to potential candidates and top executives directly and confidentially, as one-on-one discussions are remembered for much longer than mass emails. Our six-member research department has access to an extensive network, which includes international contacts. We define the markets and industries where we look for candidates together with you in advance, thus enabling us to quickly and effectively find the right fit for you.

Even if we focus on personal direct contact, some powerful digital tools are still required. We therefore supplement our search strategy to meet your needs.

Here we make use of

  • our database systems, where we maintain numerous candidate profiles in line with the most modern standards,
  • industry-specialized networks,
  • social media,
  • advertisements on important online platforms as well as in printed media if required.

Our success factor is our personnel diagnostics. With PAWLIK’s Analysis of Potential, you can get to know your candidates, their personalities and management competencies even better than would be the case with intensive job interviews alone. What is so special about this is that our Analysis of Potential not only identifies people’s conscious motivations but also their unconscious motivations. You can therefore discover the development potential of your candidate, helping to predict professional success. This makes your decisions easier and more well-founded.

Who is the best fit for your key position? Who not only fulfills your requirements, but will also flourish in this job? We identify the right person for you, whether internally or externally. In an assessment center, we put the candidates in real work and management situations and observe their conduct. We combine this with our Analysis of Potential. Our subsequent evaluation is firmly based in reality: our consultants classify the conduct of your candidates by scientific standards because we know from psychological research exactly how conduct reflects competencies. You therefore obtain a well-founded recommendation for your personnel decision.

Our executive search procedures

No search without a plan: Based on a context analysis conducted on site, we conduct a workshop together with the client to jointly compile a requirements profile for the position in question. We then analyze the markets and sectors that we consider appropriate. Once we have completed the necessary preliminary work, we define a clear search strategy.

It’s then time to put our strategy into action. Using various channels and capitalizing on the power of our extensive network, we identify suitable candidates and approach them directly in confidence. Our research team comprises six dedicated employees, each of whom boasts not only excellent contacts but also comprehensive sector expertise.

Now that we have a pool of potential candidates, we need to find out which of them really is a good fit for your company. Our first step is the conduct of professional telephone interviews, often in different languages, during which we systematically compare the candidates’ profiles with the requirements profile for the role.

Our second step is to examine the suitable candidates more closely still by having them complete our Analysis of Potential. This competency-based diagnostic instrument enables us to identify both the candidates’ individual strengths as well as the areas in which they require development. It provides us with in-depth insights into the personality of each candidate, which in turn allow us to assess how successful, on a long-term basis, he/she will be in the role concerned.

We then present the best candidates to you, and you ultimately decide which of them to hire. We then provide you with guidance and assistance right through to the final contract signing.

The results of our personnel diagnostics measures provide a sound basis upon which to guide and develop your new employee in an individualized manner. In addition to onboarding coaching, we can offer a wide range of specific personnel development measures designed to help your new management-level employee advance in his/her role.


On behalf of our clients, we publish current sales and management vacancies from a wide range of sectors. Go to our job portal to browse these.


In addition to their academic and professional qualifications and their many years of sales and leadership consulting experience, PAWLIK consultants all possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the Analysis of Potential, a diagnostic system developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. We are among the few consulting companies in Germany authorized to use the Analysis of Potential

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