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We help you translate your company goals into results. How? By aligning the areas of strategy, organization, people, and culture with each other, resolving friction and creating a cohesive whole. To do this, we first determine where conflicts exist and what the right balance would be. We then define corresponding goals, ensuring that these are all concrete and measurable, and develop the solutions with which to achieve them. Our final step is to implement the solutions effectively and achieve our set goals. This is a process at which PAWLIK excels.

Our goal is to deliver sound, sustainable results. We therefore base our work on cutting-edge neurobiological and psychological research findings, combining these with our extensive, highly varied project expertise. This scientific, systematic approach enables us to provide one-of-a-kind methodological competence.

Our systemic approach to organizational and people development enables us to flexibly address the individual needs and challenges of our clients. We boast a staff of 150 specialists, all invariably highly accomplished in their specific fields – what we call our Areas of Expertise – and yet all far-sighted and integrative in their mindsets and methods. Our work regularly involves providing clients with a combination of these Areas of Expertise, carefully tailored to the respective requirements in order to achieve the best possible results. After all, only through a holistic approach can optimum alignment be achieved.

Since 1996, we have trained and coached 250,000 people in 60 countries and have guided over 700 companies through development processes. With our eight international offices offering a broad spectrum of consulting expertise, we are optimally positioned to help you tackle the challenges specific to your company. Anywhere in the world. Taking the particularities of your project into account, we put together an international team made up of local experts, international sector specialists and consultants with the corresponding know-how.


We take an interdisciplinary approach to our clients’ challenges, analyzing and tackling them from all the relevant perspectives: strategic and operational, internal and external, corporate and people-focused. The process of analyzing the circumstances and developing suitable measures can vary considerably depending on the individual client’s situation and objectives. In some cases it will be simple, pragmatic and concise, in others it will be deeper-reaching, comprehensive and on a medium term basis.

To ensure that our clients are consistently able to deliver top performance, we work with them to develop individualized, coherent systems through which to achieve their company goals. The majority of our development projects run over the medium term. A key aspect of our approach therefore involves instilling our clients’ employees with the knowledge and competencies they need to achieve the project goals themselves.

Our Areas of Expertise

We find the most suitable executives for you. How? With 20 years of experience, a vast network and a focus on critical competencies. More

Your entire team can perform optimally when HR management is perfectly organized. Do you have the perfect personnel strategy for your company? More

What truly motivates applicants and employees? What is it that enables them to do their best? Our Analysis of Potential provides you with precise answers. More

The smooth implementation of all core processes is more often than ever the key to a competitive advantage that should be systematically exploited. We are happy to help you do this. More

Are the talented people in your company in the right place? Do all employees have the opportunity to utilize their full potential? More

Which sales success factors have to be improved for your goals to be achieved? The integrated program provides you with custom solutions for this. More


A strong sales force is the key to sustainable company results. We find the top sales performers for your company that are the right fit for you and your customers. More

A clear change roadmap can be used to plan and implement the essential elements of cultural change, guaranteeing your change will be a success. More

In coaching, the focus is on how the coachee interprets and perceives different situations and on how he or she consequently acts towards others. Coaching always pursues a specific goal, which is agreed at the outset and can be changed as the process unfolds. More

We develop people – systematically and in a sustainable manner. We offer training that is individualized to the highest level and ensure that learning content is integrated into practical work daily. More

Learning architecture is integrated into day-to-day operations via leadership performance in such a way that employees can successfully learn on the job. More

Leadership performance focuses on fundamental challenges such as growth, competitiveness and profitability, as well as overarching challenges such as focus and agility. More


The management board at PAWLIK Consultants comprises three people. Working closely with the company’s wider management team, the board makes decisions to advance PAWLIK’s consulting activities and to ensure the professional management of all its offices at home and abroad.

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