After completing formal vocational training as a foreign languages correspondent (Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin), Madeleine Klein embarked on a degree in Literature. After graduating, she gained further qualifications in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and CMS. She has also worked as a web designer for 15 years.

Professional career
Her first role upon finishing her degree was as a webmaster, responsible for the design, development, administration and maintenance of websites. Her work in this area soon led her to discover employer branding, a field that allowed her to combine her expertise as a webmaster with her linguistic competencies, and in which she became an expert for concept development and implementation.

As a consultant for digital HR solutions, Klein analyzes websites to assess their effectiveness from an employer branding perspective, and their technical expediency. She manages client projects and offers consulting services covering content-related and technical aspects of employer branding and website optimization measures.


Contact data:
E-Mail oder unter +49 (0)30/44 32 38-0