After gaining a double bachelor’s degree in Education and Cultural Geography, Katharina Keßler embarked on a master’s degree in Education, majoring in Organizational Pedagogy. In addition to her degrees, she also holds qualifications in the field of systemic, solution-oriented consulting and moderation.

Professional career
Her work as a student intern during her studies enabled her to gain experience in the areas of employer branding, careers website optimization and online recruitment. Here, she became particular expert at working with the software‚ Talent Marketing Report, which serves as an analysis instrument for employer branding measures.

In her capacity as Junior Consultant, Katharina Keßler advises our customers on matters relating to digital recruitment and digital employer branding. Using a systemic approach, she also trains clients on how to use the software Talent Marketing Report and Talent Acquisition List.


Contact data:
E-Mail oder unter +49 (0)30/44 32 38-0