Dr. Audrey

Dr. Audrey Hinrichsen was born in Argentina, where she later studied Biochemistry at the prestigious UBA Universidad de Buenos Aires and went on to gain a PhD in Biomedicine. She obtained her certification as a systemic coach (EBS) at the European Business School in the German town of Oestrich-Winkel.

Professional career
Dr. Audrey Hinrichsen boasts a long-standing international career spanning numerous sectors and cultures and involving roles in both a professional and an honorary capacity. She began her career in research in Buenos Aires before relocating to Germany in 1980. In 1990, she switched sectors to join the world of trade and industry, gaining wide-ranging experience in managing director roles for retail and medical companies, in divisional head roles for personnel consulting firms, and in storyboarding projects for young start up companies in Silicon Valley. A trilingual coach (Spanish, German and English), Dr. Audrey Hinrichsen has been a member of the PAWLIK Consultants team since 2016.

Dr. Audrey Hinrichsen brings her extensive professional experience to bear in projects with a personnel development and management focus and, with her background, prefers projects of an international nature. Within strategy development, her areas of expertise lie in personnel consulting and marketing, and within personnel development, in advising and coaching managers and their teams on multicultural topics. Her management background is apparent in the poise and discerning with which she conducts her coaching sessions.


Contact data:
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