Frank Franke has a degree in industrial engineering as well as numerous management training qualifications gained during his time with Shell. He later also qualified as coach and completed several certification programs for various aptitude diagnostics methods.

Professional career
Frank Franke began his professional career as Marketing Manager for the medium-sized company Vosschemie, leaving after five years to join the international corporation Shell. At Shell, he assumed various management-level roles within marketing and other sales-related fields. These included classic team and project management positions as well as the leadership of global virtual teams, roles which saw him bring numerous change processes and projects to fruition. Frank Franke then moved on to become Head of Department and “Prokurist” (holder of special power of attorney) for a paint and varnish manufacturer before deciding to establish himself as a consultant and trainer. Since founding his own consulting firm, he has dedicated himself to helping people and companies deal effectively with change situations, a dedication that he now also brings to bear in his work for PAWLIK Consultants, which he joined in 2016.

A certified Changesetter® consultant, Frank Franke is an expert in designing and implementing change processes and organizational development measures. He is also highly accomplished in the field of competency-based training and coaching for executives and teams.


Contact data:
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