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In the battle for talent, advancing digitalization is opening up new possibilities for recruitment and employer branding activity. Successful recruitment goes hand in hand with individually tailored technology and methodology – in other words, digital HR solutions. We support you with HR innovations and make your recruitment or employer branding “smart”, enabling you to quickly find and be found by the right candidates.


Stand out from the crowd and become visible to your target group and to search engines.

Professionals check out your company before applying for or accepting a job, just as you find out about your candidates. The key contact point for them is your website. You can use this to win over active job-seekers, as well as passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but who are open to a possible new career path. How you present yourself, and what kind of candidate experience you present to visitors to the site, influences the quantity and quality of the applications you receive.

Our approach

Our concepts for your digital employer branding consist of a targeted combination of effective content and technical functionalities. These interact to influence your company positioning and the visibility of your job ad or website on the internet.

The candidate experience is at the forefront of this, because how we navigate the internet today has had a profound effect on job-seekers’ user expectations. High-quality information, an intuitive information structure and a simple, quick application process are the prerequisites for a good candidate experience – a factor significantly influencing whether or not candidates opt for your company.

How our digital employer branding measures work for you:

Reduced bounce rates during the application process 

Optimal candidate experience

Increased visibility of your website and job ads on the internet

Targeted positioning and linking up of your company

Appeal to both job-seekers and passive candidates

Fulfilment of technical requirements and user expectations

Our digital employer branding solutions

Digital Employer Branding Audit

We develop individual, comprehensive digital employer branding concepts for you and show you how to communicate your strengths as an employer to the appropriate target groups through digital channels.

Equal importance is given to content and technical aspects, enabling you to be found by search engines, and therefore by your target group. This enables you to position your company and to attract candidates.

CSO – Career Site Optimization

The most powerful tool for attracting talent is your career site. It provides job-seekers with all the relevant information about your company.  We show you how you can optimize the presentation of your company and job ads on the internet in a way which is tailored to your target groups and search engines.

Career site optimization helps you attract active job-seekers to your company, but also to appeal to passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but are open to possible new career opportunities.

JAO – Job Ad Optimization

Job-hunting has moved almost entirely over to the internet. This makes it essential that you take internet users’ search behaviour into account when designing your job ad. We show you how you can structure and place your job ads to make them visible to search engines.

The basis of good content in a job ad is high-quality information which avoids the usual clichés frequently found in job ads and which often do not comply with the General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – AGG). We work with you to address your target group in the right way and to find the right key words which will result in a higher number of suitable applications.


Use digital recruiting in a targeted way to accelerate your recruitment process and identify candidates more quickly.

The recruitment process is developing due to digitalization; outdated tools are no longer right for the job. Innovative technologies and methods enable you to accelerate your recruitment process and phase out obsolete steps. Quickly find those candidates who are right for you in a targeted search of millions of internet profiles and of your own databases.

Our approach

We develop individual digital recruiting concepts, implement our coordinated tools, and communicate our methods to you. Our innovative technology simplifies, accelerates and partially automates the steps in your process. It also enables you to create a precise real-time search for candidate profiles, whether over the internet or in your own directories.

Our focus is on comprehensive optimization of your recruitment process. Following a detailed analysis of your current software and methods, we develop a digital infrastructure. For an optimal recruitment process, we adapt our technology and methods to your individual situation and incorporate them seamlessly.

How Digital Recruiting works for you:

Accelerated the recruitment process

Coordinated methods and technologies

Automation and simplification of workflows

Employee empowerment

Find suitable candidates more quickly

Our Digital Recruiting solution

Digital Recruiting Audit

We examine all the steps of your recruitment process and develop a tailor-made concept to optimize this process. We take into account your individual situation and the software and methods you currently use, and develop a comprehensive, holistic strategy.

With our coordinated technologies and methods, we enable you to accelerate your procedural steps and provide innovative ways of quickly expanding your pool of candidates.


The digital revolution is, without doubt, unstoppable and advancing. But which digital trends are really here to stay, which changes will influence your company in the long term and how can you benefit from the digital revolution? Insights into the digital world play an essential role in our consultation and implementation. Our experts examine your processes and then advise you on the possibilities your company has and on how you can exploit these opportunities together with us.

With our industry knowledge and on the basis of our innovative recruiting and HR marketing tools, we have developed methods to simplify and accelerate human resources processes. The emphasis of our service is not only to provide support through our technologies but also to empower your employees so that you can master the digital revolution in an optimal way.

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